• How much will my tattoo cost?

    It's impossible to say before discussing a tattoo in person. The best thing to do is come in to the studio and have a chat about your design and placement. We can give you some advice, and let you know how long your tattoo is likely to take and how much it will cost you. Our minimum charge is £50.

    Do I need to book an appointment?

    We do have space for walk-ins most days but if you prefer you can make an appointment by calling the shop or contacting the artists directly in the contact section.

    Can I make an appointment over the phone?

    We do take appointments over the phone but we also require a cash deposit for all appointments. If you are travelling from overseas, arrangements can be made, call us for details.

    Can I bring my own design?

    Of course, please bring it on paper, NOT on your mobile phone, and we can discuss how best to translate this into a beautiful tattoo.

    Can I email you?

    Yes, our email addresses can be found in the contact section and in each individual artists website.

    Do you take credit cards?

    Cash only please!

    How old do you have to be to get tattooed?

    You must be 18 to get tattooed. No exceptions. If you are fortunate enough to look under 18, bring ID. No ID, no tattoo!

    Can I bring a friend with me?

    Please confirm with the individual artist before the appointment.

    Can I drink alcohol before I get tattooed?

    No, alcohol will thin your blood and you will bleed more. Also, your ability to make a sensible choice or decision will be impaired.

    Can I cancel an appointment, and will I get my deposit back?

    If you choose to cancel an appointment please give us as much notice as possible. You may move an appointment, but we require a minimum of 5 days notice. Deposits are non-refundable.

    What's the best way to book an appointment?

    The best way to book an appointment is to come into the studio. You can email us but it's better to talk face to face. You don't need to phone to book a consultation, just come in.

    How do I look after my Tattoo?

    Your tattooist will talk you through the aftercare instructions after the work is complete.

    Thank you